Writing Challenge Using MODAL verbs Challenge 2

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Can you write a quick story or sentences for the following words?

Equipment, environment, government, parliament, enjoyment, document, management, movement, replacement, statement.

Here is an example from myself.

  1. Science equipment is to be used amongst all pupils at school
  2. Protecting the environment counts as friendship.
  3. My mum and her friend visited the houses of the parliament yesterday
  4. We fulfilled our enjoyment by having some delicious food at the restaurant with our friends.
  5. Our computer has a document about friends.
  6. Some people friendship needs more management
  7. We names our band ‘friendship movement’.
  8. My sandwich maker neds replacing because my friends are coming to my house and we planned to make them sandwiches.
  9. We made a statement that we were going to be BFFs.

Good luck, if you are struggling with any words, please let me know.


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