Writing Challenge Using all MODAL verbs Challenge 1

Can you write a passage about what you MIGHT do as you grow up, using all the MODAL verbs?

can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would, ought

Here is an example of myself.

‘After primary school, I will go to secondary school. I must  try my best so I could  go to a good university. In university, I might study science, maths and English. When I am 30, I shall become a vet and I ought  to have a pet hamster, two dogs, one cat, a parrot, a rabbit and two guinea pigs. I may have a big house with lots of rooms. When I am 40, I would work in a zoo and I can have even more pets! When I am 50, I should become an inventor’.

Good luck, share me your writing.

Good luck, if you are struggling with any words, please let me know.


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