Very annoying, but definitely cute!

My little baby brother Kevin is very annoying but definitely cute!

The good side:

  1. He loves jumping around and playing with me .
  2. When I hug him, it feels like I am hugging a dolly!
  3. He makes funny sounds which make us laugh.
  4. He aways smiles in a photo.
  5. And of course, he is very cute!


The bad side:

  1. He messes up my hair so I have to brush it more.
  2. When eating, he is very messy!
  3. He puts my hand in his mouth which I find extremely disgusting.
  4. When he is bored, he cries really loudly! So loud that if we are asleep we can still hear him!
  5. He sometimes says the word ‘aboo!’ (like a baby robot) which is very annoying!

Now you know the good and bad things about him, do you still want to meet him?


Hello boys and girls!
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