TIDY 3000

Although looking very old fashioned, dull and bare, TIDY 3000’s functions can be helpful, especially if you want a tidy house. It is as tall as an average teen and as wide as a double door. Despite this, it is quite thin so it can fit through narrow doors. It has a ‘catus’ function which allows it to pick up things with its spikes like stray socks. Another function is the 2 in 1 sponge and duster. If in duster mode, it will automatically detect dust and clean it. If in sponge mode, the duster will automatically turn wet and clean random places. The last function is the secret safe, used for storing things that are valuable to you such as your journal, video games or even packets of crisps or other snacks. You must insert the right key or enter a 4 digit number sequence to have access to the safe. If you do try to break the bulletproof glass, a notification will pop up in the owner of the safe’s phone to tell them and a very loud alarm will go off, so loud that the thief will become death.The 2 in 1 duster and sponge and the ‘cactus’ functions all have flexible rubber arms with wires inside it.

TIDY 3000 may already be amazing, but there will be many more updates to be made such as a vacuum cleaner or maybe even a security alarm. Who knows, it might be in supermarkets every where in the future.


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