There is a spider in my school!

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Jayden was a boy who went to a normal school. He was very interested in animals and he would never hurt one.

One day, in the middle of his maths lesson, Macc, the school bullier, found a spider on his desk.

“Come! Look at the spider on my desk! It is brown and hairy. Let’s try to smash it with my pencil case.” Macc said.

Everybody wanted to see, even Mr Adams, the teacher. Every pupil in the class wanted to smash the spider, exept for one person.

It was Jayden.

“Don’t kill the spider. It is a living thing.” Jayden suggested.

“Jayden is right. We should not kill the spider. If something is small it does not mean we can harn it. If you like to, we can keep the spider as a class pet.” Mr Adams said.

So they did. Macc was given detention by the teacher and missed ten minutes of his playtime.

The spider was then named Charlie because the vet said he was a boy. Every day pupils would visit his cage in the library at lunchtime and feed him food and say hello to him.

So the spider lived happily ever after until the next time.


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