The truth about babies



Some babies like to humm,

And some babies are dumb.

Some babies are small,

And some babies are tall.

Some babies are big,

And some babies are thick.

Some babies cry,

And some even like to lie.

Some babies are clever,

Some babies have feathers.

Some babies say goog goo ga gah,

And some babies like say coockie ma, ma.

Some babies like to fight,

Some babies never sleep at night.

Some babies try to be cool,

They normally do it in the swimming pool.

Some babies’ body are round,

Some babies’ eyes go up and down.

Some babies eat custard,

Sometimes they mix it with mustard.


Believe me, I’m a Londoner T-REX, I am six years old but thin as a big leafy tree. My hobbies are reading and playing with toys, especially my friend REXY, and also I like playing Lego.
I would like to share some of my favourite stories that I have written in Bubblebee, and I hope you find it funny. Please write some stories and share them to this website. I know all about dinosaurs and Jurassic world, that’s why in the future, I would like to write some more stories about dinosaurs.
Here are some of my favorite stories: Dino Cove, Roald Dahl and other dinosaur books!!! At school I am so so so so so good at maths, that why my teacher calls me a mathematician!! By the way, you can check out some of my videos on YouTube called ‘S.O.K Channel’. Enjoy ^_^

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