The Sushi Night

On Sunday, it was Sushi Night. We have it several times a year. I love Sushi Night. Here is how it works:

Daddy makes sushi, and we get to help him. After that, we left him to make the rest on his own. When enough sushi have been made, we get to eat them at the end!

Mummy and daddy ate a bit of it. Me and my brother ate about two rows. The sushi was made out of: of course, sushi paper, rice, eggs, seafood sticks, cucumbers, carrots, tuna, ginger, and radish. The eggs were really nice, and the combination of it is just right. We did not really finish all of it, so we decided to finish it for breakfast, meaning not to waste food.

I think I prefer homemade sushi, because in the market or shops, they have too much seafood in it for me to eat, meaning, I am not a big fan of seafood. I also think, that the ones from the shops are not really fresh, they are nornally cold and hard to eat, especially the rice.

If I create my own sushi, it would have in it are: eggs, chips, mayonnaise, sticky rice, chocolate and sour candy. I really enjoyed the sushi today, I hope you enjoy sushi too.


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