The princess who hated dresses

Once apon a time, in the kingdom of Enchantix, there was a princess named Betty Walter. The problem with Betty was that, unlike other beautiful princesses, she hated dresses and would never wear one (well, almost). Every time her mum (who was the Queen) or her dad (who was the King) forced her to wear a dress, she would scream and shout:

“Go away! I do not want to wear one of those ugly and frilly dresses you gave me for my birthday!”

So one day the King and the Queen had a clever idea. There was a magical person in the kingdom that had a job of making people wear dresses. So they contacted the person, told them about the problem with Betty the princess and if the person did their job well, they will earn 25 diamonds (which was used as money in Enchantix).

When the person came, he said:

“I am afraid I can not fix this. I think that if you are a princess doesn’t mean that you need to wear a dress. Like if you are a knight doesn’t mean you have to wear armour.”

“I didn’t know that! We promise that we will not force her to wear a dress again.” Said the King and Queen

So they did. Princess Betty still never wore a dress but she stopped shouting to her parents to tell them she didn’t want to wear them.


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