The Hidden Crystals


The Kingdom of Lavengard consisted of many villages, all living in peace. It had a series of moutains that seperated the kingdom from their rivals: The Itaeseon Dynasty. The Lavengards were proud of their gold and diamond mines, while the Itaseons were keen on showing off their variety of luxurious silks, which had a secret recipe none would want to pass on to the Lavengards. The Lavengards on the right, and the Itaaseons on the left.

For decades, stories were told how their was a hidden city inside the mountains that seperated the two kingdoms. Tales tell that an four magical crystal orbs were hidden inside the rocks, which, if all found, will give the holder everlasting luck and riches. The crystals were told to be guarded by hungry wolves, which was the main reason no one dared to explore it for all these years.

Until now.

“We must go.” said Queen Elanor, ruler of the Kingdom of Lavengard. “The Itaseons may have won the battle three years ago, but they certainly haven’t won the war.”

“Your majesty, it’s far too dangerous! We shouldn’t risk it. There are ravenous wolves guarding the crystals!” one of her royal advisers told her.

“That will not stop us! We are capable of everything!” the queen answered back.

Meanwhile at the Itaseon Dynasty, the King was slouching on his throne, enjoying his daily pint of lager and bread.

The Royal Messenger came in the room.

“Your royal highness, sorry to disturb you! A recent message had gone out that Lavengards are planning to explore the mountains and find the hidden crystals.”

“Really? We should start packing now! We will need to beat them! Andrew, summon the knights immediately and get them ready. The quest will commence in three days. Make sure the weapons are ready, and stock up on horse feed.”

“Yes, your royal highness. We will prepare as soon as possible.”

The day came by, and after hard work, both kingdoms were ready for possibly their biggest challenge so far. No one knew if the crystals were even real, but they did it anyway. The Lavengards had some of their finest diamond and gold encrusted armour, while the Itaseons stocked up on silk bandages and had their mighty bows equipped, which could kill a man with one blow.

Suddenly, the horses of the two teams collided with each other.

“I knew this would happen…” said an Itaseon soldier. “Well, well, well? What do you want from us?”

“We want you to surrender.”

“NEVER! We, are the Itaseons, and we will never give up! The crystals are ours. You lot better fight for it.”

“We will…”

They both reached the location of the first crystal: the Eviera Stone. It is told that it will give the person immortality if obtained. To their surprise, their was nothing to be found.

“Where are the wolves?”questioned an Itaseon soldier.

“Where is the magic?”said a Lavengard knight.


Unexpectedly, a giant stone door opened out of nowhere.

“What in the world is THIS?”

“Look, THE CRYSTALS! All of them there! No wolves either!”

The shining orbs majestically sat on a dark obsidian altar, glimmering in the torchlight of the curious soldiers.

Unknown to them, this was all a trap. As they eagerly ran to the crystals, they fell down into a pit of lava to their deaths.



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