The day I saw an alien

Tracy was an ordinary girl. She loved reading books about aliens. Her favourite thing to talk about was aliens. On her birthday she would always ask for an alien, but of course it never did happen. Until one day…

Tracy was going to a sleepover in her friend’s house. While they were munching on cookies and drinking banana milkshakes (but not at the same time, of course), they spotted a mysterious fried egg shape in the sky which glowed in the dark.

“How mysterious! It must be a UFO belonging to an alien!” Tracy cried in excitement.

Suddenly, the UFO fell down on the roof of her friend’s house.

Tracy wanted to check the alien out! It was dark green with purple stripes. It had six eyes and its mouth had sticky saliva dripping out of it. Her friend was too scared so she stayed indoors. When the alien went out of the UFO, his face looked sad.

“What’s wrong, Mr Alien?” asked Tracy.

“Lonely. Have no friends. Friends?” the alien said.

“Oh dear… But we can be friends!” Tracy replied

“Yay! Other aliens scared of me. Other aliens say I ugly. But you are my friend now!” the alien said.

So remember, the next time you meet a monster or alien, no matter how ugly, it might be friendly.


Hello boys and girls!
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