The Chocolate Balls Adventure

‘Roarrrrrrrrrrrr’! A very loud sound made me shock. ‘What can it be?‘ I asked myself.

It was dark and silent surrounding me.  I felt so lonely and didn’t even know where I was. Suddenly, there were deep blue light eyes from far away. It was heavily moving towards me. I could easily hear the ground was started shaking all around.

I thought I had to get ready for…, so I put hands in my pockets and pulled a sword and some explosive balls.

The giant creature with long “polacanthus” tail and a grumpy “T-Rex” head. The whole of its body with green and hot bubbles as like the hot volcano. Green sticky liquid continuously leaking from its mouth.

When I was about to thrown the explosive balls toward it, but the creature quickly sticked its tongue out to lick me. I started to scream loudly.

“Oscar, Oscar, calm down son”, said my dad.

He gave me a big hug.

“Here I am to protect you, there is nothing to worry about”, said daddy.

Then my dad offered me a story about “diplodocus”, a very kind dinosaur. I slowly fell asleep. The giant “diplodocus” carried me around in his world and shown me all of his funny friends. I felt no better more than its time for a chocolate bar while sitting on the back of a “pteranodon” for a ride in the sky. The beautiful blue and endless sky – I couldn’t stop enjoying my chocolate balls – explosive balls. The adventure continues.

Hung Ninh

Hi children and parents
I’m the father of three children in the age of personality formation and exploring the hidden talents. As a parent, I have the desire and try with my own example and practical actions so that my children become active citizens in the future. Not everyone is born a genius, who our children will be, what to do for the community will be shaped by the positive view of life around, early persevere hard training and parent’s proper guidance and encouragement. Put myself in the role of a child to write stories about the world around and also to better understand the psychological development of children. I hope you enjoy, appreciate, and especially together contribute to BubbleBee for our children.
Special thanks!

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