The Beautiful Beach

Two weeks ago, I went to a beach in Thailand.  It was called Pattaya beach.

In the morning, I woke up at six o’clock. We quickly packed up and had breakfast. After that, the taxi came, and it took a while to get there. Finally, we were there! We took the ferry to get to an island, called Pattaya. We had a look around. There was sand everywhere. The sea was beautiful and it was kind of blue and greenish. We got changed into our swimwears. Ten minutes later, we ran into the water, we had a really good fun. We were a bit scared at first, but later everything was better. After one hour, we had our lunch. I did not really eat much. After lunch, we made a sand castle.  It was some castles, and we made a river. Again, we went back into water. It got a bit windy, but not cold. It was perfect weather. It was very noisy. After such a long time, unfortunately, we had to go home. We packed up and left. We took few photos on the way home.

That was probably the best trip so far…


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