Sinster Sandwich

Sinister Sandwich!

Once upon a time there was two pieces of bread, some tomatoes, cucumbers, and some more cucumbers. A random stupid human carelessly threw the ingredients into the air as they landed on the on the bread, like if a pig has just finished his dinner… The Homo Sapien smashed the bread right on top making the meal flat and as he was about to take a bite, some hands popped out and the sandwich fled from the plate as the human bitted the plate and broke his tooth. The sandwich fled as he passed by the shops. One day, he grew a pair of cabbage near his hands as they started to fly, he realised that they were a pair of wings. Every second, he earns $1, that’s more than $2,000,000 every day!!! He buys a piece of tomato cooked beef and some more tomato. He even stole ingredients from Starbucks, Greggs and Costa! One day, he meets a cat. Her name was Latka. She chased the sinister sandwich all the way to Subway as Latka thought he was a butterfly. “Purrr-fect, now you are mine!” Latka licks her lips as she continues her sentence in a sweet voice. “Do you want some more filling???”

“Yes kitty” said the sandwich

“I’M NOT A KITTY!!!! And there is someone behind you…” exclaimed Latka (which we found out was not a kitty…). The same man that made the sandwich picked him up. As the screen said “GAME OVER”. That’s right. It was all a game. THE END


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