SaraCity Family Fair

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Don’t know where to go this summer? Then go to SaraCity family fair. 
Enjoy the thrilling rides from rollercoasters for the big ones, 
to the train rides for the little ones. 
Plus, it comes with free breakfast and lunch from our buffet for the whole family! 
Pay £5 for a child over 3, £10 for an adult over 16 and under 3s go free! 
There is something for everyone at SaraCity family fair!
Enjoy the thrilling rides!
An unforgettable family experience!
Free breakfast and lunch!
There is something for everyone!
Comes with a baby play area!
Saracity family fair
SaraCity Recreation Ground, S.O.K RD
TEL: 3556 678 4532
Visit for full information.
Opening times: July 21- August 27   10AM-6PM
Written by Sara Ninh, head of SaraCity.


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