Royale High and the Dark Queen

“Mum, do I really have to go to Royale High?” moaned Clarice.

Clarice was the princess of Equestria, a magical kingdom far away. Her old school had shut down after a student accidentally made a fire and burnt down the whole school in potion class, while she was supposed to make a cure for smelly socks.

“Of course you must. Every princess in our generation goes to this school. I tried to sign you up last time but there wasn’t a slot. You should be proud you go to this school!” Mum said.

The carriage stopped. The flying unicorns stopped flying. They were at the school. It looked even more magnificent than Clarice imagined. The pink castle was scattered with diamond pieces. The grand entrance had hazel leaves and roses around it.

“Goodbye darling, I hope you get on well with this school. Here is your magic tuck box. You can put in anything in it no matter how big or small the item is. I packed some home made cupcakes, some DVDs, books on all the subjects you will be learning, a wand, a mug, and a notebook for you in there. The books about all the subjects you will be learning will be pretty heavy so be careful. If you want anything you can write to me. Oh, I nearly forgot, the school won’t give you stamps so there’s a few in there and some paper for you to write in. I think the school will give you envelopes. Goodbye.” Mum said.


Mum walked away. Clarice walked into the school.

“Oh, hello Clarice, I was looking for you.” said a voice. Clarice didn’t know who it was until she turned around. It was the Principal. Clarice didn’t expect her to be female. “Welcome to Royale High School. It’s already late so you need to get ready for bed. Meet Beatrice. She will be your new dorm mate. Your dorm room is over there, at that little pink door. Here’s your key. If you need anything come to my office, Beatrice will show you where, but avoid coming past midnight as I normally am asleep at that time. I see you have a tuck box. They all go in your locker. You can visit it at your spare time. You can give it to me now. Goodnight girls.”

Clarice gave her tuck box.

“Hey erm, Beatrice. I’m Clarice. I guess we need to find a dorm.” Clarice said shyly

“Nice to meet you Clarice. I’m Beatrice, but you can call me Bea. I know exactly were to go. Come on!” said Bea.

They went to a little pink door, just like the principal explained. But it wasn’t really little. It was the length of a man lying down and the height of 2 men standing up. They came in the room. It was a large room, about triple the size of your mum and dad’s bedroom. It had some sofas, a piano, a dining space and a kitchen. There were two separate doors leading into the separate bedrooms. Inside the bedrooms, there was, of course, a purple bed, a table and laptop, a chair, a clothes rack and a large bookshelf.

“Come on, what you are waiting for?” laughed Bea. “We need to wake up at five so we can get ready! Goodnight!”

“Five o’clock in the morning? Five? Five? I never thought we had to wake up that early!” Clarice said surprised. In her old school, they woke up at seven o’clock, which is not near to 5 o’clock. “Can’t we just have an adventure instead?”

Clarice remembered the good times in her old school. She had a friend called Beth that she really liked. They would secretly go on adventures together at nigh time, when all the other girls and even the principal and matron was asleep. They would do anything together, like secretly nibbling the cookie jars in the school cafeteria or even try to wake the matron up without getting caught. Clarice and her friends hated the matron. She was very strict. She would complain about almost anything and shout at you for it. Unfortunately, her friend died in the fire that burned the school. Clarice jumped on her bed and sobbed.



The alarm rang. ‘5:00’, her alarm read. It was five in the morning.

“Uggghh…” moaned Clarice as she tried to leave her bed.

Clarice was very tired. She got changed. She put on a bright blue tee shirt and jeans. She did a french plait on her hair. Clarice left her bedroom.

“Oh, good morning, Clarice!” exclaimed Bea I hope you are ready for breakfast. Do you want to have it in the school cafeteria or do you want me to make it for you? If you have it in the school cafeteria then you will have to pay for it. What would you like?”

“I’d have it here thank you. May I just have some cereal?” ordered Clarice.

“Of course you can! I always have boxes of them in the cupboard. They never seem to run out! I will add some strawberries and sugar too!” answered Bea.

As Clarice ate her breakfast, she kept worrying. She worried that she might have bad marks in her learning. She even worried that the girls might bully her because she was new.

“By the way Clarice, here is a skirt for you. Girls without a dress or a skirt are totally out of fashion and will probably be bullied!” explained Bea.

Clarice went into her room and put on the bright blue skirt that matched her tee shirt.

“Wow, thanks! I look really good in this!” she thanked.

“No probs!” said Bea.

They went into their first class, English. Everyone was staring at Clarice. She felt embarrassed.

“Today we will be learning to write an autobiography.” the teacher announced. “An autobiography is the story of your life. It is always written in first person. Don’t forget to write about your birth, your family and friends and your school, Royale High. If you went to any other school before you went to Royale High, write about it. You may start.”

“Uggh…” Clarice groaned. “It’s so hard to write this autobi- thingy, whatever it’s even called. I can’t say it.”

“Yeah, I know. This stuff is boys. What is the point of this? How will we need this as our career as a queen later in life? This lesson is useless and for boys…” Bea groaned.

Finally, the lesson finished. The next class was potion class.

“Do you want to visit your locker or your tuck box?” asked Bea. “Now is a good time.”

“Oh, yes, I need to get my wand and my potions book, ‘5000 potions and spells for beginners and advanced’. And my lab coat!” answered Clarice. She quickly ran to her locker, which her tuck box was in.

It was potions class.

“Okay, my least favourite class is coming up!” Bea said.

The class started.

“Beatrice and Clarice, class has started five minutes ago, I don’t expect you to be late again.” the teacher complained. “Here is your late slip, give it to the principal at lunch time. Now, sorry class, lets get on with our lesson. Everyone, please turn to page two- hundred- and eight of ‘5000 potions and spells for beginners and advanced’. Read the chapter very carefully then when you are ready, I will take your book away and you must answer 50 comprehension questions about that chapter. Yes Clarice?”

“Why do we even have to do this, miss?” Clarice asked.

“Don’t moan Clarice, it’s for your own good.” said the teacher. “When you are queen you will need these spells so you must learn them off by heart. There will not be a book by your side when you need these spells later on in your life. It’s also important for your end of term test. If you don’t get full marks, you will get extra potions homework and you must have extra spell chanting classes. Now class, you may start. If you are finished reading, tell me then I will give you the comprehension sheets. Anyone moaning or chatting will be sent to the principal.”

“And that is why I hate these lessons so much…” Bea whispered. “You are not even allowed to talk and all you do is read a book on spells and revise them off by heart.”

“I do not like this already.” Clarice groaned quietly.

“Who was talking? Who? I’m sure it was you girls, go to the principal immediately! Now!” the teacher said.

They stood up and left the classroom. Bea shivered.

“Oh, Bea, don’t be nervous. I don’t think the principal is that bad?” Clarice said.

“Nobody ever messes with her.” Bea explained. “Last year, poor Riley got punished by the principal for being late to class. She had to wear a colourful long sock, because it was the summer. Everyone teased her and bullied her for wearing such babyish socks. Maybe we might have that punishment…”

“So the principal is not as nice as she looks…” said Clarice.

They walked inside the office. The principal wasn’t there.

“Hello.” snarled a voice. It was a beast. It had skin like rotten flesh and wings like it was made out of human bones. “I don’t normally welcome visitors…”


“Yes, yes. I’m the Dark Queen. Your principal has been turned into one of my personal assistant. You can’t do anything now; as I have the power to mind control her. I am in charge here now! MUAH HA HA HA HA! One day, I will mind control the school, or even the whole world! MUAH HA HA HA HA! I am the boss now.”

“You, boss of the school?” Bea said. “We don’t think so!”

They ran out of the room.

“Let’s do the door locking spell that the teacher taught us!” Clarice suggested.

They both chanted loudly:

“Door, door, lock lock lock,

Make the door unable to be knocked!”

Slam! The door was locked. Clarice and Bea heard the screams and the banging of the office doors as the Dark Queen was locked inside the office.

“Uh oh, it’s nearly PE. We’d better get our kit on.” Bea suggested.

They went into their dorm rooms and got changed.

“I look like a complete idiot!” moaned Clarice.

“Oh, Clarice! You will get used to it.” advised Bea. “Make sure it is waterproof and quite flexible because you will have to do some swimming and flying as well.”

“Flying? How do I do it? I might fall down. I’m rubbish at flying!”

“Don’t worry; some of the other girls are still rubbish!”

Surprisingly, Clarice wasn’t bad at PE. She got full marks at speed, half marks at flexibility, and nearly full marks at agility. Suddenly, a shape formed in the cloud, the shape exactly like the Dark Queen’s.

“Clarice, look carefully up in the sky.” Bea whispered to Clarice.

“What is it Bea?” Clarice answered back.

“Look carefully up in the sky. There’s something you really need to see. It’s the shape of the Dark Queen.”

“You’re getting weird. I can’t see anyth-. WOW! What’s that?”

“That was what I was talking about! Can’t you see the shape? It might have something to do with the Dark Queen. Let’s go and find out.”

The girls walked inside the head’s office once again

“Hello girls, how can I help you?” said the head.

“WHAT? Oh, sorry miss. I didn’t mean to disturb you.” said Clarice.

“Ha, ha! I know what you mean girls. You fell right into my trap. I shape shifted myself into the Dark Queen. I wanted to know how well you could work together. I’ve got to say it was very good.”

“We never knew that! But does the Dark Queen exist in real life?” asked Bea.

“Maybe. You’ve just got to find out yourselves.”


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