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12th May

OMG! I am just SUPER excited! The school has just orginised this really exciting talent show! My friends, Nellie and Zoe decided that we could compete together! Mum said at dinner that if we were gonna compete together, we would have to choose an act that all of us liked. Plus, the principal is letting us vote for the three students who are gonna be the judges for the show! I am NEVER gonna vote for Molly, my arch enemy as she is like, REALLY bossy and I know if she wins she would ruin everything. I will vote for Nellie and Zoe and maybe Maxx, the super popular boy in my class and he is so cute!

13th May

Oh no! Molly is getting some votes! Me and my friends are NEVER gonna let her be the judge. Molly is handing out leaflets and free candy to everybody to make people vote for her! We’d better do those things OURSELVES. Oh, there is good news too; we have planned to do a cheerleading routine in the talent show!

14th May

Our girl squad have done LOADS of orginising. Nellie have stiched some flexible cloth together to make costumes for all of us, Zoe is the coach since she is an EXPERT in cheerleading. And finally, I am in charge of the posters, free gifts and stuff like that to make people, not just to vote one of us judge, but also for our team to be elected winner of the talent show.

15th May

Bad news – Zoe is sick today so we can’t practice in the school gym at lunchtime. Well, we have tried but we don’t remember what we were supposed to do in the routine. And there is MORE bad news. Molly is getting more votes to be judge because she is CHEATING somehow!

16th May

Finally, Zoe was back again so we could practice our routine again. We have started as a random girl squad to being a team of secret agents. We have discovered MANY secrets about Molly and we were right – she did cheat for votes to become judge. In the lunch hall, there was this billboard and the idea was that you can write the name of the person you would like to vote for to be judge on a piece of yellow card and put it in the box. You could only vote once and never again until another talent show happens next year. We noticed that Molly came lots of times every day to vote! Zoe pretended she was voting too and she told us she noticed that Molly was voting for HERSELF every time! I bet if we report this to the principal, Molly will have a lot to say…

17th May

First thing in the morning before TRIPLE maths, we went to the principal to report on what has happened. He said to ask the janitor to look at the security cameras but we refused because the janitor is EXTREMELY low tempered. Trust me; I don’t think he even likes kids. Once I asked him if I could have the key for the lost property box to look for my pencil case and he kept SWEARING at me until I had got enough and walked away. I had to spend my OWN pocket money on a new pencil case just because of a crazy janitor.

18th May

I was so excited! Everyone said that the principal is making a speech to announce the three judges who will be in the talent show. When we hung up our coats up after recess, we heard the principal make an audio announcement. That was when me and my friends got nervous. Just then we heard MY name annouced, then Zoe and Nellie! We were all chosen to be judges!

19th May

Everyone is talking about us! We are so popular now! Molly is now actually suprisingly nice to us now and she just LITERALLY asked if she could join our girl squad and be in the talent show with us and all of us agreed! Nellie made a cheerleading costume for Molly and we explained how our cheerleading routine worked. I decided that she was going to be deputy coach which meant she was Zoe’s assistant and when Zoe was unwell, she would be in charge on that day. Yippee!

20th May

Today is my birthday! When I was at school, Nellie, Zoe and Molly gave me a pretty set of hairbands and a magazine about the latest fashion. When I went home for my birthday party, the birthday cake STUNK and my crazy little cousin blew the candle instead of me which meant my cake was full of his leftover vomit which looked like baby food. But the worst of all were my BORING presents. My parents gave me a DUMB book about gardening which was actually written for the elderly. Everyone else gave me either clothes or even MORE books which were all about gardening or pest control. Grown – ups just don’t understand for some reason that older kids may still like things that younger kids do. I can’t wait to try out the hairbands that my friends gave me and I can’t wait to read the magazine about the latest fashion too because the front cover looked so exciting!

21st May

The principal has cancelled all the ‘judges businesses’ as it was very confusing on what the three judges were going to do. The talent show is now just going to be a show to show off and there will be no winner. We have been practicing more and more because the talent show is going to be in a few days.

22nd May

I am so nervous and excited! TOMORROW is going to be the talent show! We don’t have to join lessons today because the principal allows us to practice for one school day. It was quite confusing as well because we had to sort out lots of things such as the introduction.

23rd May

OMG! OMG! OMG! Today was the day! We went to school extra early today to do some last – minute auditions and organising. Just then we realised our costumes were ripped. Nellie quickle made some new ones out of ripped swimming costumes from lost property. The janitor let me have the key to the lost property box and he was very angry indeed. We practiced several times until lunchtime. DUH! My parents are so embarrasing! I was the only person to have Trips Crisps. Trips Crisps are like, SUPER out of fashion since everyone in the WHOLE SCHOOL has Kwick Crisps except from me. Mum said that the latest fashion doesn’t make you unique. I am still wearing Nitter Trainers in PE while most other students are wearing Wizzere Trainers which are really comfortable. People with Wizzere Trainers seem to run faster than me. Anyways, at eight thirty, the show was starting. Luckily, we weren’t first so we had time to do more rehersals. Then it was our turn. We did all sort of stunts and dances. Molly’s cartwheel went a bit wrong but nobody seemed to notice it. YESS! It was all over! At ten we went back home. Then my mum said: “Have you read the books you got for your birthday about gardening and pest control?”



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