Polly Pink’s TOP SECRET diary: 2




24th May

The principal just made this announcement that everyone must unlock their lockers for an inspection. Normally, we have a locker inspection every 3 months to make sure nobody’s hiding dangerous stuff in there.

Last year, Bruce Limpoc was caught hiding SUPERGLUE and was suspended for 2 WEEKS. I don’t understand why, but Mrs. Lennon said it was a “source of solvent”. I don’t know what it is, but it had the words “SOLVENT FREE” highlighted in red on the label.

25th May

Phew! My locker was okay! There’s a rumor going around the school that James Crenley was caught hiding a RAZOR!

There was some French guy that came in today and talked about life in France. It’s Geography Week, and every year a foreign person comes in and brags about life in their country. They normally talk for as long as 3 HOURS, but I always look forward to the food samples. The French guy bought some Chocolate soufflé to try. It was AMAZING!

26th May

We got a letter home today about some camping trip. Mum says I MUST go, no matter what. Mum says it will boost my leadership skills. Ugh, what’s wrong with my leadership skills?

Apparently, it’s some place called Leafy Green Outdoor Learning Centre. I searched the place up and it’s some campsite for schools in a nature reserve.

27th May

Mum just signed the form, which means I must go camping. GREAT! My friends, Nellie and Zoe aren’t even coming!

Apparently we will get to do some BORING activities, like making a fire, and building a shelter. Don’t forget, we have to do a 5 mile hike every MORNING! Ugh!

29th May

I’m just thinking what to bring to the camping trip. I just found out we aren’t even allowed PHONES! Like, how on earth do I text Nellie and Zoe? How on earth can I play Space Chase 2? Why are we not allowed phones? Miss Belkoy says that will distract us from the activities. Gosh, it won’t!

30th May

YES! The trip was cancelled because some kid misbehaved during class! YIPEEEEEE! YOSSS! Mum’s kind of disappointed, but at least I don’t have to go!

The principal just announced that there will be school musical! This year will be Oliver Twist. Some people are literally FIGHTING to be the main character! The auditions will be in 2 days; I’m not really bothered to have a role. I would rather be playing computer games in my spare time than learn my lines.

31st May

One more day till auditions! Everyone’s practicing their lines in the gymnasium and it’s getting SO noisy. Some are even allowed to practice in the library! I have a feeling James Nikoska will make a good Oliver Twist. He’s relatively short, and he has no problems dressing up in rags.

1st June

Today’s Audition Day! Some people have already finished auditioning! It has been REALLY busy recently; people are running around like crazy!

2nd June

The results are in! James Nikoska will be Oliver Twist (just like I thought). I don’t really know the rest of the characters, because I never read the whole book.

The principal says that anyone who doesn’t have a role will be singing the songs. I’m okay with it, as long as it isn’t some cringy song.

Everyone is bragging about their role, even the trees. We don’t even have any roles, and people are making fun of us for it.

3rd June

Practice is starting! People with roles have LOADS of lines to learn, while we only need to practice the songs. Shame on them for making fun of us!

The science class just got a supply  teacher, and the kids go RIOT when that happens. Earlier today, I saw a few paper airplanes fly out of the classroom window, and Nellie said she could smell that a few stink bombs went off when she was delivering her round of newsletters to each classroom. Fortunately, we don’t have Science today.

4th June

Zoe’s sick today, so she couldn’t come to school. I can’t believe the musical is in 4 DAYS! Everybody is rehearsing like CRAZY! For some reason, there’s no Maths today. The janitor’s also unwell. He’s the only one who knows how to access  the lights on the school stage, so if he’s sick on the day of the musical, then the show will be RUINED!

5th June

Yayyy! Zoe is back! Practice goes on as usual, and everyone’s just as moody. The neighboring school, Darth Hill School, came to visit our school. They were just a bunch of brats who made fun of our trashy toilets.

7th June

GREAT! There’s another locker inspection! Who invented this daft idea in the first place? It intrudes my PRIVACY! I had to literally hide my games console in my clothes 3 seconds before my locker was looked at. Again, Bruce Limpoc was caught hiding some nail polish, which made some of the teachers suspicious, because obviously guys don’t polish their fingernails.

Turns out, my locker was fine. I’m glad they didn’t spot the games console I hid in my hoodie. If they did, it would have been confiscated.

Nobody really know where all the confiscated things are kept, only the teachers and the janitor. Once something ends up there, it never comes back to you. Alison Jenner said she actually FOUND the Confiscatorium, the place where the confiscated items were taken, but she wouldn’t tell us where it was. She’s probably lying, because she’s a bratty person and likes to spread fake rumors.

8th June

The musical’s TOMORROW! Everyone is EXTREMELY busy preparing for it. Some kids even skipped lunch to practice! The teachers are also going INSANE, as they also need to get ready with setting up the stage and stuff.

9th June

OMGGGG we just performed the show! It was EPICCC! Halfway through, the lights just suddenly stopped working, but nobody really noticed. Most of it went well. Andrea Linderson, the girl who just plays and orphan in the background, got backstage before the play happened. Like, she didn’t even have to SAY anything, why be so worried? Miss Collin’s piano was lost, so we had to just play the background music from the computer. But anyways, it was fine.

When I got home, Mum said…

“You were amazing! I just bought you a book on chicken farming! Have you read it yet?”

Well, I guess that didn’t really work out…



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