&My first day of& &minecraft&

By Oscar


I killed a chicken and ate it. But… I got poisoned with out knowing. I choped some wood and made a pickaxe, a sword and an ax. I made my house a noob house which is made of dirt. It was night soon I made a Furness and a crafting table. My house was so invisible it looked like a hill! I made torches from a cave. Now this is the moment in time where hostile mobs spawn. I killed ten zombies, six sheeps, four skeletons and seven creepers. My sword broke. RUN!!! I ran as fast as I could. I went back to my home and made a bed and slep. The nexed day I went out side and partied. I threw the eggs that were droped from the chicken. “I survived my first day, yay!!!” I screamed. And so now my quest is to be a master at redstone…






Believe me, I’m a Londoner T-REX, I am six years old but thin as a big leafy tree. My hobbies are reading and playing with toys, especially my friend REXY, and also I like playing Lego.
I would like to share some of my favourite stories that I have written in Bubblebee, and I hope you find it funny. Please write some stories and share them to this website. I know all about dinosaurs and Jurassic world, that’s why in the future, I would like to write some more stories about dinosaurs.
Here are some of my favorite stories: Dino Cove, Roald Dahl and other dinosaur books!!! At school I am so so so so so good at maths, that why my teacher calls me a mathematician!! By the way, you can check out some of my videos on YouTube called ‘S.O.K Channel’. Enjoy ^_^

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