My amazing power

Hi dudes!

Oh, did I scare you?

Sorry… My name is Danny. Check out my amazing powers, well you don’t know what it is. I am known as Pro-Man. I’m the best person at Par-core in Mantosic City! I’ve got my powers when a group of spys called TRIPLE-THREE shot a mysterious bullet on my head when I was making a chemical  in a lab but the chemical was spilt into my mouth and I got the power to do any Par-core moves but I always keep my identity secret except share it to you. But make sure you keep it secret. I don’t want anyone to know this. I defeated Toxic-Tom, Dagger the Dragon, Asid-Anteater and Sinster-Snake so far. They are all in a team called Fearsome-Four. They are lead by the boss of TRIPLE-THREE. They were easy to defeat because of how fat they were. My weakness is darriote. Darriote is a crystal that will make a shield around the person that’s near, the person is gonna turn into dust. Luckily it doesn’t have effect if I am jumping. I’m good against Iron, Diamond, Metal, Drillers and Andgarriotnight  is a type of liquid that make them unlucky. It doesn’t effect on me because it makes me lucky instead. One day a villain called Dark-Devil used Andgarriotnight to make me unlucky but…KABOOM!

It put darriote on Dark-Devil and he turned into dust. As he performances break dance he said victory for me! As the journey continues everything shall be saved and thanks to Danny!


Believe me, I’m a Londoner T-REX, I am six years old but thin as a big leafy tree. My hobbies are reading and playing with toys, especially my friend REXY, and also I like playing Lego.
I would like to share some of my favourite stories that I have written in Bubblebee, and I hope you find it funny. Please write some stories and share them to this website. I know all about dinosaurs and Jurassic world, that’s why in the future, I would like to write some more stories about dinosaurs.
Here are some of my favorite stories: Dino Cove, Roald Dahl and other dinosaur books!!! At school I am so so so so so good at maths, that why my teacher calls me a mathematician!! By the way, you can check out some of my videos on YouTube called ‘S.O.K Channel’. Enjoy ^_^

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