Minecraft is a mysterious game because everything is in blocks. They are not circles like in real life. Let me tell you all about it.


You know that Minecraft is a mysterious game. The Creator of Minecraft was Notch. He made something creepy. He tried to make his dead brother inside the games, so they can play with each other. But…..it became Herobrine. He was a hidden character and you only can find it in the original Minecraft. He was the spirit of the death brother Creator. He was a miner.


Now let see he looks like. So when you see Ryan with white eyes, it means that is Herobrine. He will never die, you can’t kill him, because he can disappear. But if he kills you, you will catch a virus. So never go mining. If you want to go mining, don’t go too deep.

The top five deadlier monsters

  1. Creeper

You only find creeper at night time, and they are very annoying. There are two types of creepers; one type if you hit it , it will explode and the other one is, you have to try to kill it without exploding.

2. Enderman

You can only find enderman in the End and the Nether. He is very creepy and he is three blocks tall. When you kill him, you will get Enderpills.

3. Ghast

This mike sounds like a ghost and looks like a ghost. You only find them in the Nether, and they might even fire the fireballs at you. When you see them, you should wear armer.

4. Wither

You don’t find Wither, you have to make them. So you just need to make a T and add three skeletons head on the top. You only find them in dessert and mainly in Nether.

5. Ender Dragon

You know what Ender Dragon is! It has purple eyes as the same as Enderman. But, it is bigger, it is a dragon. You only find them in the End. So becareful.

 How to tame a dog

First you need to find a wolf, or spawn one. Then get your bone and hold it as long as you want, but not too long, let says about two or three seconds, until you see a red color on it, then it becomes your pet.


I find it very interesting, because I want to do all of though stuffs, and I want to defeat Herobrine. I learnt, Herobrine is an evil character. You mostly find him when you are going for mining.

The positive thing is you can make anything with blocks, well, almost. Because you can’t even make a battery. The drawback is when you see Herobrine, try to fly, because he can’t fly.

 The End.


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