Latka the Gentle Giant

About 3 weeks ago, my family adopted a cat from a wonderful charity, Cats Protection.

I never was a big fan of cats: my dream pet was a dog or a hamster. When I saw dogs and cats being advertised from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on my local newspaper, I fell in love with them. I realised that the nearest Battersea branch was very far away, so I found out about a cat shelter near to where I lived.

After convincing my parents that a cat would be a purr-fect addition to the household, they finally agreed to let me have a cat.

I went to the Cats Protection Mitcham Homing Centre. The very nice staff matched us up with Latka, a 5 year-old domestic-long-hair. She was child friendly and gentle. We reserved her for 2 days to buy the equipment.

My dad bought all the supplies and we were all set! He also made and awesome bed for her to sleep in out of the leftover carpets. We went to pick up Latka at the shelter the day after.

A lady came to us and asked us to complete a few forms and sign the adoption certificate. The process only took about 20 minutes!

Eventually, we sent Latka home. She was really nervous at first, and kept hiding under things. Latka eventually gained our trust after a day or two and came out of her shell! It was one of the most amazing moment!

I would recommend Cats Protection to anyone looking for a feline companion!

All About Latka:

Latka is naturally a gentle giant! When I first met her, she was a little bit larger than all the other cats at the shelter. Still, she was such a snuggle-bug! Latka is quite shy around new people and cats, but always stays calm and confident. This adorable cat likes to curl up in peoples’ beds and scratch carpets. Naughty girl!

Latka is neutered by the charity, which is an operation to prevent her from having kittens. If you look on the bottom left side of her body, you can see part of it is shaved to remove her womb. You can also see a clear scar from the operation.

My family wanted to adopt a cat in the first place to get rid of the mice, but Latka was definitely NOT a suitable cat for the job. Latka was very gentle, and won’t bother to hurt a fly!



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