Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith (illustrated by Erica Salcedo)


Kid Normal is an action packed book full of mystery. The book is about a boy called Murph Cooper. He had to move into a new house which meant he had to be in a new school. His mum found him a new school which was for pupils with magical powers but they didn’t’ know that. On Murph’s first day of the school, he found out that all the children there are training to be superheroes. He and his friends found out about a villain called Nektar who had wasp powers. Nektar wanted to make everyone in the school his personal slave by tricking them with mind control helmets. If you want to find out what happens next, read the book.

This book is very creative and full of action. I would recommend this book to people who like reading superhero comics because the book is very exciting. The book taught me that a superhero doesn’t have to have gadgets and superpowers. I thought the illustrations were nice too as they were very cartoony. The choice of language in the book was very good as the author used adjectives such as revolting in the blurb and lovely onomatopoeias such as STAMP.


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