Today, I had a trip to the local pet store. I really enjoyed looking at the rabbits and the hamsters. Then I thought for a moment…
What if I had my own project especially about pets! I wrote all my ideas down. This is what I wrote:
Just4Petz is a charity project that looks after unwanted pets (or petz!) until somebody adopts them. This is important because pet owners often get too busy, have to move to live somewhere else or the pet is hard to look after. The innocent animals deserve another home instead of being left alone to suffer. The pets include dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards, rabbits, fishes and even more! The animals are given daily health check (including the tiny ones!) and are to be treated with love and care. All pets come with a free starter pack. This comes with a week’s supply of things for your pet and a guide on how to make sure your pet is happy and healthy.
We also provide services such as grooming, petsitting, veterinary sevices and even more!
I hope you support my idea and hopefully one day this project will come to life.


Hello boys and girls!
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