How to write a diary

A diary is a record of things you did written inside a book by yourself. It can be written every day or once or twice a week. Here is an example:


Dear diary,

The plane is taking off! I was so excited because it feels like we are in a roller-coaster.

I got my seat belt on and had dinner. It was spaghetti and cheesecake. I can’t wait to arrive in Thailand!

A diary can be written by hand or on a computer. The purpose of writing one is to remember the good times you had and bad things you came through in your life.


This is an example of a different kind of diary entry:

07.30 Wake up

07.35  Make bed and get changed

07.45 Eat breakfast

08.10 Brush teeth

08.15 Feed dog

08.25 Go to the park

09.35 Watch TV

10.15 Cook lunch

11.50 Lunch

12.30 Walk and feed dog

13.00 Break

15.05 Make dinner

17.15 Dinner

18.00 Break

19.35 Bedtime

This is called a timetable. It records what you have done throughout the day and the time.


Now you know how to write a diary, why not try writing on yourself!


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