How to set up a fish tank


What you need:

– Fish- safe gravel

– Fake plastic underwater plants

– Real underwater plants (optional)

– Fish filter

– A fish tank

– Water purifier

– Aquarium decorations

– Heater (if necessary)

  1. Thoroughly wipe the tank with a clean, wet cloth. You can also use pet-safe disinfectant spray, but make sure to wash it off afterwards.
  2. Wash the gravel with water, then add it to the tank. Make sure it is evenly laid out throughout the tank.
  3. Add your plants and decorations.
  4. Fill your tank with treated water. Make sure you use a water purifyer first to reduce the amount of chlorine and chloramine to a safe level for your fish.
  5. Put in your water filter and heater.
  6. Cycle your tank for a few weeks before adding your fish. This gives time for good bacteria to grow, which is important for the ecosystem of the tank.
  7. Change the water every week.


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