How to create a game using Roblox Studio

Ever wanted to make your own game? It will be impossible to make one for FREE without using Roblox Studio.

How to use Roblox:

Before downloading Roblox Studio on your computer, you must download Roblox first. If you download Roblox on your computer, Roblox Studio will already be downloaded. Note that you can only use Roblox, not Roblox Studio on a phone or tablet. When you have downloaded Roblox, open the app. You must make an account before using it. You should see that there are many games you can play with in there for free. Those games are actually games that other Roblox Studio users have made!

Roblox Studio:

Open Roblox Studio. It should look very dull and complicated. Don’t worry because if you are experienced, you will get used to it. If you want, you can choose a ready-to-play template such as obbies (short for obstacle courses) and maybe a town or castle or you can start from scratch. Feel free to experiment with different buttons and other templates.  Some of the basic buttons are the play button and the select button. You will probably think your game is a little boring. You can add extra buildings and NPCs (non- player-characters) or change colour and move things.

Is it enough?

If you think your game is a work of art, you can actually share the game for other people to see! Click ‘create’ in the Roblox app and select your file. Enjoy!


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