Horrible Histories Vile Victorians By Terry Deary and Martin Brown

This book tells you all the gruesome facts about the Vile Victorians from schools to cures. These are my top five facts:

  • Poor children had to work as chimney sweeps and in the mines, which I think it is completely inappropriate nowday. Children now are very lucky by not have to go to work especially in most countries in Europe and in Asia.
  • If you did not feel well in school, the cure would be swallowing a spider in butter. If I had a try at that, I would be vomitting because I hate butter and of course spiders.
  • In the Victorians times, you are actually old enough to work as a teacher when you are fourteen if you do well in school. Surprisingly, they had to be certified like nowdays. This means, you have to do well in school. If I did well in school in the Victorians times, I would be happy to become a teacher!
  • Queen Victoria ruled a lot of countries, for example: India, Canada, New Zealand etc… This is called the British Empire. It was a good news because if she didn’t, we would not have things like tea. But the bad news was, the poor people in those countries had to work hard to harvest food.
  • If you did something really bad in the public like stealing an apple, you get hang by the neck, if you were aged over 7. Some people lied and pretended they were under 7 even adults! So Birth Certificate was invented in 1837.

It is interesting book, I enjoyed it and I hope you will enjoy it too!


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