Friends- Maybe forever?

In a normal world, a girl walked on the rocky pavements, on her way to her new school. The noisy vehichles beeped at eachother, sometimes making a collision. Surrounding her were children in the same school, chatting to their friends, swapping football cards and playing on consoles, without a care in the world. She, Fraya Wood, was walking on her own in her ugly t-bar shoes. The only colour on them was black and grey, with a hint of brown and white in the logo, ‘Plainley’s Perfects: Plain clothes for life.’.

It was obvious what the logo meant: plain. Fraya hated the word, but her mum told her that to grow up as a grand, sensible, woman, she must wear plain and sensible clothes. In fact., all her clothes were from Plainley’s Perfects. She had an ugly black, baggy frock that made her look like a girl from the Victorian era. Her bag was as black as black. Everybody was staring and chatting about her, as if she was an alien.

Finally, she reached the school just in time.


Fraya looked around for the correct classroom. She was given a timetable before she went to the school. She picked it out of the bag and looked.

‘Sports’, it said. Fraya’s least favourite lesson.

“Great…”, she said to herself.

She ran out to the field, looking for the correct class. Then, she cold see people running around the track. A teacher ran to her as fast as lightning.

“Hello, I see you’re new here. I am Mr Lightlegs, your sports teacher. You’re late. Come on, what are you waiting for? Twenty laps around the track!”, he said.

“T-t-twenty?” asked Fraya in disbelief.

“That’s just the start of the term! Chop-chop, girl!”

The running track was massive, like the space on the local park. Despite this, everyone went to their feet and started running. It was worse for Fraya, as she didn’t have time to put on her sports kit before school (which was also from Plainley’s Perfects), so she had to run around a massive track in hard shoes and a tight frock dress.


“Times up you lazy lot! Off to maths!”

Fraya quite liked maths. She loved all the sums and the thinking. She went inside the classroom, sat on a desk, and paid attention.

“Today I will be giving you your test results from last year’s test. You should all be getting at least a C, if not a C-. The boy next to her was fiddling with a rubber.

She looked at his test, which said:

Name: Jeff Fitz  Date of Birth: 5th January  Grade: F-  Marks: 5/50

He didn’t seem to mind her looking.

“Hi.” Fraya said.

“Hi, new girl. Haven’t seen you around. I heard that you’re Fraya, right?” the boy muttered shyly. “They say you have really rich parents.”

“Yeah, my name’s Fraya.” she said. “But I don’t have really rich parents. My mum works in the perfume shop all day and my dad works in Egypt doing business stuff. My mum thinks girls should be plain and sensible. Thats why I wear such unnecessarily fancy and plain clothes.”

“You should be proud you have such a caring mum, new girl.” Jeff said. “Anyways, bye!”

The day went on as normal, but Jeff and Fraya became friends throughout the day. Fraya met Jeff’s group, who were all boys, but Jeff explained she was now part, making her the first girl of the group.

When Fraya was back home, she went into her bedroom and read a comic. She loved superhero comics, although they’re written for boys.

“Hello dear!” her mum suddenly said. “I hope you enjoyed school today! How was it?”

“It was fine, mum.” Fraya lied.

“Good. Why are you reading comics again? They are things meant for boys, not for girls like you! Have you even read the book I bought you, “10000 postures for elegant girls”?”

“No, mum…”

“You disgracful girl! You should think about being less childish and grow up!” Mum slammed the bedroom door.

And Fraya carried on reading.

The next day she went extra early to meet Jeff. This time, everybody noticed her as a popular girl with popular friends. She felt better.

“Hey! S’up, Fraya!” Jeff shouted.

“Hey, Jeff! I’m fine. S’up?” Fraya answered.


“What does that mean?”

“You need to brush up on slang! Find out online!”



“C’mon! We might be late for history!” he said.

Suddenly, a tall figure approached them.

“Detention for all of you.”

It walked away…



Hello boys and girls!
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