A Christmas War

(This poem is based on the Christmas Truce in Christmas 1914. It was when World War One soldiers from all sides came together to treat eachother as friends for a day and have fun.)

In the cold damp trenches,

desperate men sat on low benches.

It was the morning of Christmas Eve,

and already men died of disease.

Many forgot it was nearly Christmas,

too busy and tired to care about such business.

            But, suddenly, a soldier looks at a calendar that was sent to him and cried:

“Oh God, oh gosh! Tommies, it’s nearly Christmas!

Saint Nick’s on his way,

let’s all be nice for a day!”

And they were.

No fighting, no bombing,

everything was just so calming.

They treated their foe as a friend,

shaking hands together again.

They treated themselves to rum, tea and bacon,

twice of what they would usually ration.

They played football with Germany,

kicking around cheerfully.

They sang Silent Night, or some would say Stille Nacht.

The men were too happy to attack.

They buried the fallen, side by side,

and remembered the ones that didn’t survive.



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